Error updating public folder busy exchange 2016

For now that means Outlook 2013 or Outlook Web App.

The first public folder mailbox created in an organization holds the primary or writeable copy of the folder hierarchy.

As you’re probably well aware, public folders are scrubbed and polished to become bright, new, and modern in Exchange 2013.

Instead of the legacy public folder database, the folders are stored in public folder mailboxes alongside other mailboxes (both user and system) in regular mailbox databases so that they can benefit from the investment Microsoft has made over the last decade to give Exchange many high availability features.

But if such a situation arose, as in the case when a user reports that no trace of a newly created public folder is visible to them, you can force synchronization for a mailbox that holds a secondary copy of the public folder hierarchy by running the Update-Public Folder Mailbox cmdlet.

We then look at the synchronization data that is revealed by the cmdlet.

And of course, if you use public folders with Office 365, you won’t see any trace of these cmdlets because Microsoft takes care to maintain public folders in good health for its cloud tenants.

Here is some notes from a recent issue error, I encountered at a client, doing a decommission of some Exchange 2007 servers.

All other public folder mailboxes contain a not-writeable or secondary copy of the hierarchy that are updated by an Exchange mailbox assistant every 24 hours at a minimum, or every 15 minutes if clients are connected to a public folder mailbox that contains a secondary copy of the hierarchy.

Synchronization ensures that all of the public folder mailboxes present the same hierarchy to clients.

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The best practices for removing a Public Folder database is: 1. See my previous post about Public Folder replica management. Associate mailbox databases with another public folder database. Remove the PF database and delete the database files manually.

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