How to stop twitter from updating my facebook status best online dating introduction lines

Now your Facebook messages will also show up in Twitter!

But there’s one more step to send information from Twitter back to Facebook…4) After you test out the Facebook to Twitter functionality by typing a message and clicking on “Update,” click on “Allow Twitter to Update Your Facebook Status”5) Allow status updates from Twitter back to Facebook.6) Check to see if it works, by logging into from a different browser window and entering a status…Well, as you can see below, it worked!

You can stop it from posting on your pages as well.

Managing friends and social networks isn’t exactly convenient these days because there are so many online services and communities to help you stay in touch with and keep track of other people — Facebook, Twitter, Ning, Plaxo, Friend Feed, Loopt, Brightkite, GChat…the list just goes on and on.

One thing you can do to make it all a little easier is to sync your Facebook and Twitter accounts so that the status messages you enter on one site show up at the other too.

When I schedule a post to go to FB and Twitter, they post and then Twitter is posting again to my FB page, so FB shows 2 identical posts.

I cant find any setting in Twitter to adjust (no automatic sharing setting to turn off) and wonder if you can speak to this issue.

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