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uid=5998998247 Full of fake ass females begging for money, food, drugs, selling themselves, lying, playing mind games, thirsty asf. These rude ass biotches want a man that will spoil them with gifts and luxuries they have never seen before.

if you want a ugly hoodrat, ghetto, baby momma with 3 kids, then this is the site for you.

lets people make way more than one account, a lot of these people use these fake accounts to help their main account in pets game, where you buy and sell people's pictures, either with real money or in game coins you earn when you make a profit in the pets game.

It is all a popularity contest is all what pets game is.

They post over and over how they're hungry and want food or need a ride.

They have like 8 different levels of money in the game and you have to work your way up the eight different color coded money levels.

An unsung skill of the social networking age is the ability to pick a good profile picture, whether for Facebook, Linked In, Twitter or Tinder.

It’s no trivial matter: people make up their minds about another...

its a great website for thirsty dehydrated people of sexual cravings. Now if in time I really like a person, i will go on to whatsap, viber or skype and video chat there The pet gameis fun.

The worst women in the world all seem to gather on this site.

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